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AQRM Evaluation Certificate

AQRM Evaluation Certificate

Sudan University received the AQRM Evaluation Certificate.

As part of the HAQAA Initiative, Sudan University of Science and Technology is selected among 15 institutions where institutional evaluations were conducted in 2017, utilizing the African Quality Rating Mechanism AQRM as a key evaluation tool. The 15 institutions selected are from different African regions, and have the opportunity to participate in a training workshop that helped to guide their institutional assessment process. For selected institutions, the self-rating (AQRM survey) of the institutions were validated by international external reviewers through site visits (1 per institution). The external reviewer from the European Union and the African Union attended at the university in July 2017 for conducting both institutional level evaluation as well as program level evaluation.
The outcomes of the AQRM exercise is delivered in an evaluation report that is made public as a means to further promote AQRM in Africa and also, more generally, transparency around institutional quality culture. It is expected that the institutions that participate will have a valuable opportunity to enhance their internal QA procedures and quality culture and contribute to the African higher education harmonization objectives more broadly.

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