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We cooperate with partners to deliver strategic direction and expertise that builds positive relationships, to facilitate development and sustenance modernization that advances our students, staff, university and community.


The External Relationships Office (ERO) assists with international/national partnerships, institutional collaborations, government and official delegations, and international marketing and recruitment activities.


  • The objective of the External Relations Office is to develop and coordinate the international/national activities of the University. Key tasks of the Office include:
    • implementing the strategic plan on internationalization;
    • preparing and evaluating agreements with national and international partner;
    • administering and promoting the Erasmus + programme;
    • administering and promoting international staff and student mobility such as Mevlana;
    • administering international programs such as Tuning, AQRM, etc
    • providing information to students and staff on international scholarships and other opportunities.
    The Office also administrates and supports the organizational membership, which offers many opportunities beyond the mobility.